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Richard Red Hawk's Eclectic Assortments
Richard RedHawk
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Native American Page

This page name is derived from my given Native American name with my modern given first name. This portion is dedicated to the Native American Heritage and Culture.

Below are hand tooled traditional Gorgets made using brass copper and silver in the design. These pieces are on display in a Native American shop at last (May 2000) information in Central Florida near St. Petersburg/Tampa area.

Gorgets  for more on custom jewelry click here

I am a jewelry manufacture dealing in brass, copper and silver jewelry. Also I have dealt in collectibles: comics, non-sports cards and toys for almost 30 years. I am also an aromatherapist with my own special blended synergy blends dealing with the emotional aspect of everyday life. Please feel free to ask questions at any time and if you are looking for that special collectible we may have or know where to get it all you need to do is just ask. Thank you

At the right are some flutes made by a friend on one of the reservations in Oklahoma. This flute maker and player has won many awards for both his name is Charles Frazier (Wind Whispers).

Bamboo flutes